Frontal Effect:

The Closure Frontal effect is a Free Part Closure that mimics a Frontal (100% Glueless). You are able to part anywhere within the closure and add baby hair.Make up is recommended to add on the lace to blend with your skin for the most natural look. Because the closure is plucked like a frontal.. It is still the same maintenance as taking care of a Lace frontal. With out proper care, it is possible for the hairline to thin out like most Lace frontal’s would. Be sure not to put to much tension near the hairline.


Most recommendedfor first time wig buyers. The basic closure effect is straight down the middle or side part.  There are no edges and low maintenance. This effect can always be changed to a frontal effect when revamping. (100% Glueless).


This is the same maintenance as the frontal effect. Everyone loves baby hairs BUT it is important to know how to keep your baby hairs. I do not recommend using heavy gels or edge control for baby hairs. This will weigh the hairline down causing it to rub off. Moose is recommended.


180% = 3 Bundles | Typically used for most of my units. Used best inches 16-30.200% Density = 4 Bundles | Used best inches 26-40250% Density = 5 Bundles | Used best 30-40


I recommend the Suave Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Ive been using this product for my wigs for 6 years now. It leave the hair very soft, a natural shine and it smells amazing. You can find this product in Target, Walmart or Family Dollar.